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Jim Lindner is an internationally respected authority on the preservation and migration of magnetic media. Jim pioneered many of the techniques now commonly used for videotape restoration and has lectured widely on and written about media preservation for the past twenty-five years. Jim founded the magnetic media restoration company VidiPax in 1992 and acted as the Chief Executive Officer before stepping down after selling the company in 2001. While at VidiPax Jim oversaw the video restoration of some most prestigious collections in country including: The NBC News Archive, Children’s Television Workshop, The Coca Cola Company, IBM, AT&T, The Library of Congress, The National Archives, The Smithsonian Institute, The Metropolitan Opera, The New York Public Library, and The Andy Warhol Foundation.

In 1995 Jim won the Anthology Film Archives prestigious Preservation Award for his pioneering work in the field of Magnetic Tape Restoration and Preservation. His many articles on the subject of media preservation and restoration have been published in many of the most respected trade and organization publications including: Society of American Archivists, National Media Laboratory, Association of Moving Image Archives, Video Magazine, American Management Association, Print Magazine, Millimeter Magazine, Videography, Educational Film Library Association Magazine. Jim has been written about in several feature articles including those published in The New York Times, Television Broadcasting Magazine and Medialine.

In 1997 Jim acted as a witness and panelist for the Library of Congress’ “State of American Television,” an in-depth inquiry in to the state of videotape preservation in the United States. In 1999 Jim founded the National Television & Video Preservation Foundation, nationally respected for assisting many of the country’s archives in preserving their videotape collections. Currently Jim sits on the Executive Board of SEAPAVAA and is an active participant in SMPTE and ANSI standards committees, along with the Association of Moving Image Archives and International Federation of Television Archives, or FIAT. In 1997 Jim served as Chairman of the Board of the Anthology Film Archives.